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"I Help Kingdom Women Build A Succesful Real Estate Business That Provides Flexibility and Financial Security" 

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 Real Estate Coach 


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 Real Estate Tribe  

Take a deep breath, you have come to the right place and you have found your real estate tribe. 

I would love to remove the intimidation, frustration, fear and overwhelming feeling by helping to navigate the messy but beautiful business of real estate. Where you can live the life you always envisioned yourself living, everyday. 

I know the right tools and real estate training can close the gap between where you are today and where you want your business and life to be tomorrow


•You wake up every morning asking yourself how much longer at your current job? 

•You long to make your own schedule and be your own boss? 


•You are tired of trading hours for money, you want a way to make unlimited income? 

•You thrive on helping others? 


•You have secretly longed to be in real estate just didn’t know where to begin?

•You have big dreams and need a set plan to accomplish them? 

• I have my license but now what? 

• I like people but I have no plan? 

• How do I balance life and business?



"Shelby is an amazing coach!  The ways in which she has changed my life are almost too numerous to count, but I must say that the most impactful way- has to be through her coaching me in my business.  All the while, she is showing me how to fit it into this everyday crazy that I call "active-church-leader-mom-preneur-and-full-time-work-are-you-insane" life."

- Johanna Tafao- Braganza

"My training and development with Shelby Seeley has been amazing and her energy has motivated me to be the person and professional Real Estate Agent that I am. 

- Eileen Modawar

"Shelby is truly the blessing I prayed for. I started my business with very little support and guidance. I was taking one small step of faith at a time, trusting that God would lead me. God led me to Shelby. She has given me support, direction and encouragement to continue when I’ve felt like giving up. She’s held me accountable to see the dreams in my heart fulfilled. Our coaching calls keep me motivated and inspired! As an entrepreneur, the road gets lonely. It’s incredible to know you have someone cheering you on who wants to see you succeed." 

- Onesa Anosie 

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