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Shelby Seeley 

Hi There I'm 

I love me a cute pair of high heels, a beautiful view of the ocean, a coffee date with friends, and making as many memories as I can with my high school sweetheart and two kids.


If I am not out on a run or a hike in the mountains,  you can find me running my multi-million dollar business and coaching real estate agents all over the country. I have found the greatest joys are found in the simplest of moments.


Moments I hand keys to a first-time buyer, whose family has never owned a home.  

Moments when I coach women and I see them buy their dream car, dream house and go on their dream vacation.

Yes still the greatest moments is when I look into a woman's eyes and I see a deep sense of satisfaction, watching them live out their very best life, the life they always imagined. 

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How did I get into real estate?  Funny enough I didn’t choose real estate, real estate chose me and at a time my world was falling apart.  


My husband losing his job and not able to walk for 9 months. Raising a young son and daughter, working part-time to provide food for my family, and losing not just one home but two homes, all at the same time.

I had no idea how I could possibly survive this time, not even knowing what my next steps were and when I might be able to finally breath.


Then it changed in one night. We were out to dinner with some friends and family and out of nowhere one looked at me and said we have decided we want to buy our first home and we want you to help us. I remember stopping dead in my tracks, looked at her crazy, and thought, “Girl I am just trying to get enough money to pay PGE, this isn’t exactly the best time, but then is it ever?”


 So I did it, with no income, 2 young kids, and a desire to live a life with no regrets. I took every penny we had and bought my first real estate course and never looked back.  

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